le mur, c'est quoi ?
  The newspaper of the jewellery students from  the Lycée Jean Guéhenno in Saint-Amand-Montrond (France) and their European correspondents of the PLE "Parlement Lycéen Européen"

The student newspaper Le Mur is a pedagogical project created in 1986 in the school Jean Guéhenno in Saint-Amand Montrond, in the centre of France. With more than 140 editions published since its birth, with  thousands of interviews and reports, with actions and pedagogical projects through all Europe a team made up of more than one hundred jewellery students each year, Le Mur is considered as one of the oldest student newspaper and one of the most famous in France. Through a permanent pedagogy of project, the fundamental objective of Le Mur is to create a link between the professional trainings of the jewellery crafts and the cultural and citizen education. The team of Le Mur is convinced that another school is possible for those who reject the fundamental training of the writing and the reading, and that it is inevitably a school opened on the professional world and the European environment. In 1992, the student newspaper Le Mur was at the origin of the foundation of the"Parlement Lycéen Européen of jewellery schools and student press ",
by inviting in France, to the  Jean Guéhenno school, delegations from 11 other European countries.
Le Mur became today a link of communication and a means of expression between the jeweller
students of the 23 schools from the  European network

If you are a jewellery school somewhere in Europe…
We should be very happy to come into contact with you. You can become our European partner…
We are working with the programs of the European Union like Socrates or Leonardo…
Our network, the "Parlement Lycéen Européen of jewellery schools and student press " (PLE)
constitutes today a real link between 23 schools of jewellery, gemmology or precious stones
cutting in Europe and all over the world. The first objective of this union is to encourage
all the international actions between the schools members, all the European professional
and cultural projects : training periods in companies…
training courses exchanges, continuation of studies or search for employment abroad,
classes projects of big reports, European contests of creation of jewels, texts and
designs, realisation of a technical multilingual dictionary of jewellery, European
travelling exhibition, participation in international professional fairs…

If you are interested…
Please, contact us : lemur@wanadoo.fr